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Catador de Gemas

Garnet - Round Cut

Garnet - Round Cut

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The strong and deep hues of this garnet match those of a ruby, a truly magnificent garnet in a round cut and excellent clarity. The saturation of this red garnet is vivid and excellent.

The Garnet.

Warm red garnets were highly prized in Ancient Egypt and Rome. Its blood red shade resembles ruby ​​and offers a less expensive alternative. It was believed in ancient times that red garnets could cure depression, encourage good dreams, and promote love. No doubt about it, the intense red hues of a Garnet can easily be mistaken with those of a majestic ruby ​​or spinel. It is January's birthstone and marks the 2nd wedding anniversary.


Cut: Round
Size: 5mm
Weight: 0.16 carats
Origin: Mozambique

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