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Blue Sapphire - Cabochon

Blue Sapphire - Cabochon

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Beautiful sapphire bundle in cabochon cut, the deep rich blue of a sapphire has no comparison and its exhibit of color in this cut is excellent. With a very even medium clarity and very good polish.

Sold in a bundle of three. Can be sold individually by contacting us.

The Sapphire.

Sapphire's blue has no comparison, it has been the most beautiful blue stone for millennia. With its place at the top of the hierarchy in blue stones, Sapphires have adorned some of the most beautiful jewelry through history and to this day its enchanting soaked blue keeps captivating our eyes. In antiquity it was believed sapphires brought enlightenment, inner peace and wisdom. It is the birthstone of September and celebrates the 5th and 45th wedding anniversary.


Cut: Cabochon
Size: 6mm x 4mm
Weight: 0.62 carats per gemstone
Origin: Ceylon

Contact us for more details if needed.

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