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Emerald - Oval Cut

Emerald - Oval Cut

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These beautiful emeralds show a vivid medium rich green, with great clarity, cut and life. It's jardin is blissful and intricate with eye catching golden inclusions of pyrite making it a uniquely beautiful find.

Sold in pairs. Can be sold individually by contacting us.

The Emerald.

The emerald is one of the top three most beautiful sought-after gems of all, next with the ruby ​​and sapphire. The deepness of its green and vividness of its gardens are truly one of a kind. Its name comes from the Sanskrit word, marakata, which means the green of growing things. No other green stone would be more qualified for the life and beauty of the spring in May. Emeralds symbolize vitality, honesty, and fidelity making it the perfect choice for the 35th and 55th wedding anniversaries.


Cut: Oval
Size: 7mm x 5mm
Weight: 1.28 carats per gemstone
Origin: Brazil

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