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Morganite - Round Cut

Morganite - Round Cut

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This morganite is a gem of rare beauty and sophistication. Its soft pink hue is reminiscent of the blush of a rose, and its clarity is unmatched by other pink gems. The facets of the stone are cut to perfection, creating a dazzling shine that will turn heads.

the morganite

Morganites are often described as "peach" or "salmon" in color, but the true beauty of the stone lies in its ability to change color depending on the light. In some lights, morganite can appear a deep pink, while in others it can take on a more peachy or orange hue. This chameleon-like quality is one of the reasons why morganite is such a unique and desirable gem.


Cut: Round
Weight: 6.37ct
Origin: Brazil

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