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Tanzanite - Round Cut

Tanzanite - Round Cut

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Beautiful vivid medium light blue with delicate alluring violet undertones, this beautiful Tanzanite has an excellent round cut displaying excellent clarity.

The Tanzanite.

Said to be the most beautiful blue stone discovered in the last two thousand years, Tanzanites hold nowadays immense popularity in the world of high jewelry. It is rarer than diamonds since its only found in Tanzania, therefore it is said that they are a stone of "one generation", due to their limited quantity. Tanzanite's luminous violet blue hue exerts a strong attraction. Some shade variations closely resemble cornflower blue sapphire. It is said they can enhance awareness, awaken the heart, and elevate mood. It is the most recent addition December birthstones.


Cut: Cushion
Size: 6mm
Weight: 0.86 carats
Origin: Tanzania

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