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Zircon - Round Cut

Zircon - Round Cut

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Bright vivid blue Zircon in a round cut with excellent clarity. The electric icey blue of a Zircon is unique and noticeable right away, truly a special modern gem.

The Zircon.

Not to be confused with cubic zirconia, Zircon is a beautiful, brilliant, and unique genuine gemstone that has been known since before the Middle Ages. Medieval Europeans believed that zircon promoted restful sleep and wealth, and that it dispelled evil spirits. The genius of 19th century gemology, George Frederick Kunz, was enamored of zircon — to the extent that he launched a campaign to rebrand it as starlight in recognition of its ethereal beauty.


Cut: Round
Size: 6mm
Weight: 1.25 carats
Origin: Thailand

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